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A Girl in a Classroom

Creative Writing Competition

Submission Deadline:
14th July 2023

Writing Competition

Sponsored by 
Bideford Bridge

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Delighting & inspiring the readers & writers of the future ...


Think … Oceans, rivers, droplets, ice, puddles, mermaids, myths, creatures, pollution, danger, adventure, mystery, beauty, and a world without water … the list goes on! 🌊 


It’s up to you – we just want your original thought and ideas so have a go and you may win a prize and have your work published for our main festival.


We will choose 3 winners from each Key Stage 2, 3, 4 5.

Each winner will receive a £40 book token.

All prizes are kindly donated by the Bideford Bridge Rotary Club

Deadline for entries: 14 July 2023

All entries must be submitted via your school 🏫


· Writing may be up to 3 sides of A4 or up to 40 lines of poetry.

· It must have a title.

· It must be legible.

· At the bottom of your entry write clearly: your name, age, key stage, school, teacher’s name, teacher’s school email address.


Paper copies are preferred, electronic entries are also accepted. Full details are being circulated by participating schools.




Part of the Appledore Book Festival Schools' Week

Patron: Tanya Landman 

"Having judged entries for several years now, I am always delighted to read the wide range of ideas, styles and writing techniques used by young writers. This year offers another splendid mix of pieces, showing thoughtful interpretations of visual images to communicate ideas, ask questions and tell stories. Well done to all and, as always, it isn’t easy to select single winners when everyone has made an impressive effort to write sensitively and ‘have a go’." John Townsend, Children’s Author

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