• NicholasParsons_JudiSpiers

    Nicholas Parsons and Judi Spiers ~ ABF 2015

  • ElkieBrooks

    Elkie Brooks ABF ~ 2015

  • SatishKumar

    Satish Kumar ~ ABF 2015

  • JudiSpiers_PamStClement

    Judi Spiers and Pam St Clement ~ ABF 2015

  • JulieSummers

    Julie Summers ~ ABF 2015

  • MartinBell

    Martin Bell ~ ABF 2015

  • SantaMontefiore

    Santa Montefiore ~ ABF 2015

  • TerryWaite2

    Terry Waite ~ ABF 2015

  • TerryWaiteFriendsReception

    Terry Waite Friends' Reception ~ ABF 2015

  • TonyHawks

    Tony Hawks ~ ABF 2015

  • Vincecable

    Vince Cable ~ ABF 2015



The 2015 Appledore Book Festival is now over

The 2015 Festival has closed its doors on another wonderful ten days packed full of great events.  Huge thanks go to the marvellous speakers who attended this year; our enthusiastic and engaging audience, sponsors, volunteers and the people of Appledore without whose support we would not be able to bring you such a great Festival. Thanks also goes to the Grassroots Literature Fund for funding received.

Planning has already started for 2016. Dates for your diary – September 23rd – October 2nd 2016.

If you are interested in becoming a Festival sponsor, or would like to support the Festival in any other way, please contact the team on info@appledorebookfestival.co.uk who will be more than happy to discuss opportunities with you.

With warm wishes,

Brenda Daly,

Festival Director

JeremyVine2A Message from Jeremy Vine, ABF Patron

Absolutely and completely gutted. Sick as a parrot. Miserable as a LibDem on election night. Ah, Appledore friends, that only goes a quarter-way to describing my reaction to being absent from this year’s festival. Since I rather rashly pinned my colours to the mast a few years back – declaring Appledore the best literary festival in the world, with Hay a distant second – I have tried to help Brenda out with some sessions and guests. But this year I have been the victim of a diary clash of such epic proportions that I am thinking it could be the basis for a 700-page novel.

Leaving that to one side, I just wanted to wish you well with the Book Festival. By the way, the event is not only what the brilliant Brenda and her team lay on in the venues we all know so well. It’s all of you! If you are local to Appledore in any way (we’re talking ten-mile radius here), you should greet and welcome the interviewers and authors like old friends when you see them walking around. That makes them feel far more famous than they really are, and far more welcome than they do at any of the other festivals. Which makes them come back; and, even more important, report back. To friends and colleagues and other authors. And thus the festival gets better and better. So if you see a lost author, congratulate them on their book and point them to their hotel. It makes it personal; and it makes all the difference.

Have a great time.