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Our History

Appledore Book Festival is a charity founded in 2006 by Nick Arnold, author of Horrible Science. Nick directed the first-ever book festival in a bid to raise money to save Appledore Library. His campaign brought our community together and saved the library, which is still at the heart of our village.

Today, the Appledore Book Festival continues and has become one of the biggest cultural festivals in Devon attracting world-class authors, speakers and artistes for our community to enjoy. Run almost exclusively by a team of volunteers, who do everything from stewarding the events to adorning the village with bunting, our Festival is a unique experience. 

Our beautiful maritime village location and historic venues encourage authors and visitors to soak up village life which means you can often see your favourite authors out and about enjoying a Hocking’s ice-cream or hanging-out in one of our fabulous cafes and bars.

As a charity, our aim is a simple one: to increase the enjoyment of reading and encourage creative writing through providing access to inspirational events. Last year we sold almost 8,000 tickets across our 73 events, and our Schools Week delivered over 120 events to 50 schools and four libraries. We couldn’t achieve this without all of our supporters, our Patrons, our Friends, ticket buyers, and the local business community.

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone to Appledore for this year’s event. Due to the Coronavirus, this year's festival will take place as a drive-in book festival - the UK's first - with 25 events over five days. We are thrilled to be able to go ahead, once again offering top authors and performers in this unprecedented year. 

AGM: Our April Annual General Meeting has been postponed due to the Coronavirus lockdown. We hope to publicise the rescheduled date as soon as possible.

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