Drive-In Festive - Q&A

The Appledore Drive-In Book Festival - Questions & Answers


What is a Drive-In?

It’s an open-air event in which you sit in your car and watch a performance.


How do I get there?

As you approach Appledore, turn left just past the Football Ground and go down Broad Lane.

Turn right at the crossroads at the bottom.  Skern Lodge will be on the right after 400m. Use the Entrance Gate clearly marked. Have your ticket or e-ticket available to show the steward. Follow the directions given by our parking stewards. The postcode for the site is: EX39 1NG. 


How will I hear and see the authors and presenters?

The event will take place on a raised stage. Using FM radio transmission, the sound will be broadcast straight to your car’s radio, while a large raised LED screen provides the best quality visual experience.  If your vehicle is not equipped with an FM radio, please bring a portable one. We recommend that you make yourself conversant on how to retune your radio to FM, before attending the event.

We will not be transmitting in digital format, only in FM.  Be aware that phone apps will not work because they introduce a delay causing the sound to be out of sync with the image.

The sound will also be heard from loudspeakers next to the stage.


Do I need a ticket?



Can I turn up on the day?

We anticipate that most events will sell out in advance, but any remaining tickets will be available to buy using a contactless card at the entrance.


Is the ticket per person, or per car?

It’s per car, containing a maximum of five people.


Can I bring a large SUV, campervan or minibus?

We can accommodate such vehicles up to a maximum length of 8.0m. Larger vehicles like this will be directed to a space at the back.


Can I walk or cycle in?

No – it’s for cars only.


What time should I get there?

Gates will open 45 minutes prior to the event.


What if I arrive late?

Sorry – we have to close the gates once the event has started, so as not to cause disruption to other attendees.


What if I forget my ticket?

We may be able to check bookings, but this will cause a delay. Tickets can be presented electronically, or as a printed ticket. These will be scanned at the entrance.


Will there be toilets?

Yes. mobile toilets are being provided. Toilets will be cleaned between each event.


Do I have to stay in the car?

In order to maintain social distancing rules, we are asking people to stay in their cars, but if Government guidelines permit, you may bring a picnic chair and sit in front of your car within your car parking boundary.


What happens in an emergency?

If you require assistance, use your hazard lights and raise your arm out of the car window to attract attention. A member of the Festival team will come to your car to help.  If there is a general emergency, full instructions will be broadcast through your car radio and the outdoor PA system.


Will I be able to meet the author and get my book signed?

Sadly, this year, we are not able to do this due to Covid-19 restrictions.  However, the author will have pre-signed their books.


How will I be able to buy a book?

If you wish to buy a signed copy of the author’s book, you will be directed to one of the drive-through bookstalls on exiting the field. Contactless payments only. If the event ticket includes a book with ticket, you will be given your copy upon entering the event.


Can I get something to eat and drink?

Food and drinks can be pre-ordered online, and should be booked in advance. Once parked, these items will be delivered to your car before the event begins.  The Skern Lodge catering team will be preparing all food and drinks.


Will I be able to ask a question at the end?

Yes, there will be roving microphones. When prompted, use your hazard lights to indicate that you have a question, and we will come to as many people as we can.

You can also email your question in advance to:

Or use the ‘question form’ inside the Festival programme.


How do I show my approval at the end?

Open your windows and clap loudly. Or to be really enthusiastic, flash your lights. The use of horns is discouraged, so as not to annoy nearby residents.


Will we have to leave straight afterwards?

Yes. You will be guided out, row by row. Please do not attempt to leave the venue until you have been instructed to do so by a steward. You will be directed to the main exit. If you wish to purchase a signed copy of the author’s book you can exit via the drive-through bookstall.


Can we stay if we are also attending the next event?

We ask you to exit the field, along with all other cars.  You can then re-enter via the entrance gate.  This will enable you to purchase a copy of the author’s book, as well as enabling us to conduct a safety check of the field once all vehicles have departed.


What if my car gets stuck?

We will tow it out. Wait in your car and someone will come to you.


What if the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the organisers control?

If this were to happen, your ticket will be refunded in full.


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