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Friday 20th September

Cheese & Charcuterie with MDC
Moscow Drug Club

Saturday 21st September

Print Workshop with Annabel Hill
Circus Workshop
The Second Sleep
The Strawberry Thief
What the Hell is Going On?
Syria's Secret Library
Friends VIP Dinner with Jeremy Vine

Sunday 22nd September

Walk on the Wild Side
Book Fair
Anna of Kleve: Queen of Secrets
Children's Writing Workshop
Crabbing Competition
Killing Eve: No Tomorrow
Jeremy Thorpe
Personal Journeys with Nature
Everybody Died, So I got a Dog
My Name is Why
Ghost Walk 1

Monday 23rd September

Poetry Workshop
The Appledore Walk
Sandy Brown in Conversation
The Salt Path: A Year Later
A Not so Foreign Correspondent in Ireland
The Fortunate Voyager
We're Going on a Bear Hunt
The Burning Land
Amazing Grace: Film

Tuesday 24th September

Play with Clay
Uncle Tom Cobley & All
A Memoir
Appledore Salmon Fishing
Beyond that Last Blue Mountain
A Shroud of Leaves
Headlines & Hedgerows
Colette: Film

Wednesday 25th September

The Irsha Walk
Play with Clay
Remembering Johnny Kingdom
Walk on the Wild Side
Houses in Literature
Rock Pool
How to Think Like a Fish
Inexpert Guide to Parenting
Music with Annika Skoogh
Ghost Walk 2

Thursday 26th September

The Irsha Walk
Play Story
The Making of Victory
The Boy Without Love
Beer Tasting
The Bone Hill
The Great Explorers
The Secret of Cold Hill
Sound of the Sirens

Friday 27th September

Smuggling & Shipwrecks
Lundy: A Landmark 50 years
Gregg's Italian Family Cookbook
The Forager's Calendar
Friends VIP Drinks & Canapés
Unnatural Causes
Ellie and the Harp Maker
The Cut Out Girl
You Are Here
Wren Music Orchestra
Ghost Walk 3

Saturday 28th September

The Crazy Climate Show
The Bideford Collar Industry
How to Give Up Plastic
Friends VIP Lunch
The Century Girls
From the Oven to The Table
Platform Seven
The Last Royal Rebel
The Stranger on the Bridge
Hubris: The Road to Donald Trump
Dr Phil: Double Bill